Christan De Mesones

Bassist and composer Christian de Mesones releases "Throb!", another funk-driven, summer block party jam, and the fourth single from his new album. This fan favorite evokes the Tower of Power horn ensemble flavor and that unmistakable AWB guitar vibe.

Bassist and Composer Christian de Mesones releases the fourth single from his full-length album, "They Call Me Big New York". "Throb!" is a mid-tempo, funk-driven jam that evokes the flavor of the old school horn ensemble sound of the seventies. With a sprinkling of hot guitar riffs, this is a recipe for the block party jam of the summer. Featured is a battle royale showdown between alto sax extraordinaire Eddie Baccus, Jr. (Pieces of a Dream), and P-Funk/Maceo Parker/Chuck Brown All-Star trombonist Greg Boyer. Guitarists Jack Turner and Mike Gamble, along with drummer Carl C-Man Anderson and percussionist Sheila Shabazz, create a go-go/funk pocket too tempting to resist. Producer and co-writer Christopher Valentine lends his keyboard talents to round out the track.

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Christian De Mesones

Smooth and sophisticated grooves showcasing sax, bass and keyboard melodies.

Christian de Mesones is the bassist and founder of Groove Skool Band and Big New York & the Smooth Jazz All-Starz. He has also released two singles independently: "Good Old Days" in 2015, and "Latin Jive Redux" in 2017. Latin Jive Redux, a remix of the Groove Skool song, "Latin Jive", went to number 55 on Billboard and number 1 in the UK. It has remained in the top 10 for over a year on both The Moth FM/UK and 96.8 The Oasis in the USA. The November 2018 release of "Spirit" is his third independent single release.

Today, with Big New York & the Smooth Jazz All-Starz", Christian continues to wow audiences with his personal vision. When asked to explain that vision, he said, "Everyone gets a spotlight in this band. I like to create excitement sonically, and that means mixing it up so the listening audience can get it's money's worth."

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Latin Jive Redux

Christian de Mesones

Smooth and funky contemporary jazz with a Latin flair

Christian's bass lays the foundation for a track reminiscent of Classic Santana and Tito Puente. He also orchestrates a soundscape of smooth grooves, Funk, R&B and Latin Jazz, featuring Drew Davidsen on guitar, Elliot Levine on keyboards, and Rob Maletick on Saxophone. Electric wind instrumentation by Keith l. Anderson, vocal coloring by Carol Albert and Alfreda Gerald, and percussion by Curtis McCain, Jesus Gonzales, and Nick Costa. Produced by Christopher Scott Valentine for Woodz Entertainment, Inc.

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Good Old Days

Christian Big New York de Mesones

Sophisticated Funk, Smooth and Jazzy

Using aspects of various musical genres including Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock and Latin, Christian "Big New York" de Mesones creates melodic, feel-good grooves and soulful expressions.

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