JAZZIZ Magazine Summer 2020 Fusion Edition

JAZZIZ Magazine Summer 2020 Fusion Edition

Christian de Mesones: They Call Me Big New York (Independent)


Christian has been independently releasing singles since 2015, beginning with “Good Old Days”.  “Latin Jive Redux”, a 2017 remix of the Groove Skool song “Latin Jive”, went to #55 on Billboard and #1 in the UK.  It remained in the top 10 for over a year on both the Moth FM/UK and 96.8 the Oasis in the USA.  His 2018 release “Spirit” climbed up to #12 with a bullet on the Smooth Jazz Media Base chart and fueled his desire to present this and other material as an album. 

Christian de Mesones Releases Debut Album, “They Call Me Big New York”

by Kevin Johnson, notreble.com

After forty years in the music business, Christian “Big New York” de Mesones has released his debut album, They Call Me Big New York. The ten-song collection draws on Latin, Funk, Soul, and R&B styles in original smooth jazz compositions.

Though the record focuses on the compositions, de Mesones takes the time to take the spotlight on tracks like “Big Tall Wish” and “Sweetnight”. Get a taste of the album with “Year of the Dragon”.

First Listen: Christian de Mesones and Nia Simmons grant our "Wish"

by Peggy Oliver, SOULTRACKS.COM

(March 9, 2020) Throughout a three decade plus career as a composer, educator, and performer, Christian de Mesones has been all about that bass.  In 2008, the New York native composed Bass Symphony: Celebrating the Gift of Music through the Spirit of Youth, an ambitious piece incorporating various acoustic and electric basses.  Recently, he led a bass clinic at the Virginia Bass Form in mastering the art of groove.  And by the way, de Mesones takes all grooves seriously both with his band Groove Skool and as a solo artist.  Though it took several minutes, SoulTracks finally caught onto de Mesones a few months ago with “Throb,” an entertaining funk rock fusion track from his solo debut release, They Call Me Big New York.

For his sophomore First Listen showcase, “Big Tall Wish,” de Mesones does not disappoint in his mastery of grooves and warm, friendly arrangements. He showcases his melodic bass guitar shadowed by acoustic piano and backed by a deep mid-tempo foundation. And the tight brass section perfectly frames the chorus, frosted by vocalist Nia Simmons.  To cap it off, there is a delightful acoustic piano solo.  de Mesones strikes again giving us all a Big Tall Wish.  Enjoy!

Christian de Mesones Expands the Universe with “They Call Me Big New York”

-Debbie Burke, Jazz Author

“They Call Me Big New York” is the newest CD by Brooklyn-born guitarist Christian DeMesones (featured earlier here). If you want to know why he’s called that, it’s because of his big personality and heart, and an approach to music that is 110% all in.

The album (just released on 2/20/20 and with over a quarter of a million streams on Spotify) draws the excitement up and over the top. Real smooth is the dance vibe of “Latin Jive Redux” which briefly respects the phrasing of “Oye Como Va.” “Throb” pulses out dynamic chopped-up rhythms whose bridges feature horn and sax solos preaching truth with strong lines. “Dekalb and Flatbush” serves up a narration by DeMesones recalling the days of the brick-and-mortar record stores and walk-in radio stations of the 1970s (“But I’ll tell you what, I’ll never forget the music back then!” he shouts). The song gives way to hearty female vocals and that inimitable fat sax sound which defines the flavor of funk. Breathy pan flutes flutter and yield to a quick blues turn on the organ which, he tells us, is the “Shape of Water,” and get ready for a quick dive, headfirst, into the densely packed “Year of the Dragon.”

“All of us need help with our dreams. Some still haven’t figured out which direction they want to go. This is my story. I didn’t create the musical offerings alone but I did weather every obstacle put in my path. From my perspective…music heals. This project healed me. My inspiration for They called Me Big New York comes from my love of life. NEVER GIVE UP!”

-Debbie Burke, Jazz Author